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Scientific Topics

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Scientific Topics

Main Topics of Interest for Paper Submission

  1. Acoustic Microscopy
  2. Acousto-optics
  3. Acoustic Sensors
  4. Adaptive Imaging and Focusing
  5. Biomedical Ultrasound
  6. Bioeffects of Ultrasound
  7. Bulk and Surface Acoustic Waves
  8. Cavitation and Sonoluminescence
  9. Contrast Agents
  10. Elastography and Vibro Acoustics
  11. Emergent Topics
  12. High Frequency Medical Imaging
  13. High Power Ultrasound
  14. Medical Non-Linear Acoustics
  15. Medical Parametric Imaging
  16. Molecular Acoustics
  17. NDT: Industrial Applications
  18. NDT: Guided Waves
  19. NDT: Modeling and Simulation
  20. New Piezoelectric Materials and Devices
  21. Nonlinear Acoustic Phenomena
  22. Physical Acoustics
  23. Resonators and Waveguides
  24. Sonochemistry
  25. Therapeutic Ultrasound
  26. Thermoacoustics
  27. Transducer Modeling and Metrology
  28. Transducer Technology
  29. Ultrasonic Motors and Actuators
  30. Ultrasound and Particles in Suspension
  31. Ultrasound and Lasers
  32. Ultrasound in Anisotropic Materials
  33. Underwater Ultrasonics
  34. Vascular Ultrasound

Invitation to become a Special Session Organizer

Persons with leading competence in a timely topic of ultrasonics are cordially invited to suggest Special Session titles and Invited Lecturers to Bogumil B.J. Linde – fizbl@univ.gda.pl